1. rockingarchitecture:

    The Rue des Rogations

  3. fabforgottennobility:

    Ernst Haas

    The Cross, NY, 1966

  4. enochliew:

    Neighbours by Herman Van den Boom

    A series of typical Belgian double houses.

    (Source: hermanvandenboom.net)

  5. enochliew:

    Gold Cecile Metal Jacket by Acne

    Crafted from gold linen.

    (Source: oki-ni.com)

  7. masa-photo:

    untitled on Flickr.

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  11. gasoline-station:

    Mona Pavilions

    by Fender Katsalidis Architects

    Bold, diamond shaped steel frames anchored to the ground by large, off form concrete blades. Weathered timber clad boxes to the rear slip between these steel structures.

    (Source: fkaustralia.com)

  12. Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates with Lionel Messi after scoring Barça’s opening goal on September 26, 2009

    (Source: oh-bartra)

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  15. iqfashion:

    Dennis Thompson (suit & shirt by Billy Reid; tie by Thom Browne)

    Source: tsbmen.com